Aug 31, 2016

What A Summer!

VOICES and POWER students explored activism through the arts, POPPYN produced an episode about the 2016 Election, four students studied abroad and many others participated in local events including the BlackStar Film Festival and the Youth Action Assembly.

VOICES & POWER Ask: Is Art Revolutionary?

13895283_10154570193797323_8065869705603548074_nVOICES and POWER students came together in our Summer Academy to explore the question: Is art revolutionary? Through an investigation of historical and contemporary examples of street art, murals, photography, music, visual albums, and poetry, our youth grappled with this question to develop their own perspective on the role that art plays in social change. In smaller project groups they sought to: 1) reclaim their identities and neighborhoods through photography, 2) inform the public and debunk myths about street artists through video-making, and 3) move an audience on a social justice issue through performance poetry.

POPPYN Covers the 2016 Presidential Election 


POPPYN interviewed delegates, community organizers during the Democratic National Convention and produced a skit about youth making decisions at the polls. There will be a public screening of the episode this fall at Temple University.

Youth Action Assembly

Photo credit: The Notebook

Photo credit: The Notebook

In July, Collab members joined a panel on education at the Youth Action Assembly, an event organized by the Urban Creators during the DNC. LC member Stormy moderated the panel.



Experiment in International Living

IMG_0952This summer four of our students traveled abroad to Morocco, France, Japan and China through the Experiment in International Living (EIL). Thanks to EIL and generous friends of the Collab who helped fund these life-changing travel opportunities for our students.

BlackStar Film Festival 


In August, “Standardized Madness: How Testing Affects Philadelphia Students,” a documentary produced by Power Interns, screened at the BlackStar Film Festival’s youth program. POWER interns and POPPYN producers also participated in a Master Class on Directing at the festival.



Onward, Graduates!

Congratulations to our seniors! Many are heading off to college this fall. Romao (above with his proud mother, Toya) has just begun his freshman year at Kutztown University. “It’s wonderful,” he says.