Technical Assistance

Building Organizational and Community Capacity

Informed by over 14 years of direct programming with older youth (14-24), we work  with a wide range of organizations and institutions helping them to:

  • Engage older youth through project-based learning, civic engagement, and media production approaches
  • Incorporate older youth into their organizational structure
  • Integrate older youth into larger community-building inititiatives
  • Create intergenerational, interracial and interethnic  teams
  • Develop quality mentoring programs that focus on the mentors and the mentees
  • Identify, secure and effectively utilize university resources
  • Partner with other organizations to create networks of support and leadership opportunities for youth in the community
  • Develop promotional and informational media for their organization, project or campaign

We have provided assistance locally, nationally and internationally to organizations including:  school districts, individual middle and high schools, community based and philanthropic organizations, public libraries, public housing authorities, United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania,  and universities in the US and Australia, among others.  Formats for this work include: Training Institutes; Professional Development Workshops; and Program Planning & Curriculum Design.  All of our work is totally customized for the particular user, thereby insuring that organizational goals, mission and context are fully incorporated into the work.