Mar 28, 2017

Teaching Consent in Philly Schools

We recently received a grant from the Valentine Foundation to expand our consent workshops into more schools in Philadelphia. This spring we will be presenting full day workshops in several high schools to raise awareness about sexual consent and rape culture. See below for a description of the workshop.


In today’s culture, young people are bombarded with messages about sex and consent. Across genders, youth are often navigating these messages and their own boundaries without a firm understanding of what consent actually is. Given the high numbers of sexual assault, it is critical for youth to learn to distinguish between the myths and the facts. In this workshop, students will learn what consent is, why it is necessary and how to ensure that consent is freely given, every time. Students will then apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios (from dating to street harassment) with support from trained facilitators. Students will leave this workshop more informed, affirmed and courageous — to speak up and take a stand.
This workshop includes student work produced in the VOICES and POPPYN Program.

The workshop has also been adapted to target educators. To learn more, please contact