Feb 14, 2017

POPPYN screens Foster Care Episode for City Council!

In 2016, POPPYN, our award-winning youth news program, produced a compelling 40 minute video about the foster care system. Inspired by POPPYN producers who have spent time in care, this episode addresses the concerns, hopes and fears of foster youth in Philadelphia. The video also includes the voices of foster parents and highlights local resources available to foster youth. POPPYN is an after-school program for high school students based at the University Community Collaborative at Temple University.   We hope this video will support local and national advocacy efforts and be useful for foster youth — and the communities that serve them.

On Wednesday, February 22 at 3pm in the Caucus Room at City Hall, POPPYN will be screening a 12 minute clip from this episode with city council members (including Councilwoman Helen Gym and Councilwoman Cindy Bass). A few of the youth involved in this episode will be present for a post-screening  Q&A and discussion.  The commissioner of DHS and local advocates and CUA leaders will also be in attendance.

To learn more about the episode, check out this article from Generocity.org.

josh at city hall