The Collaborative works with many organizations locally and nationally to promote better opportunities for young people.  We are proud to be part of the following collective endeavors.

Allegheny West Consortium (co-founder)

We are a founding member of the Allegheny West Consortium, an intentional effort to share resources and practices across several educational institutions in the Allegheny West part of North Philadelphia.  Consortium members include: Bayard Taylor Middle School, Dr. Ethel Allen School, Logan Hope School, Penn Charter School, St. James School, The Schools Collective, University Community Collaborative.

Campaign for Non Violent Schools (member)

We are a member of the Campaign for Non Violent Schools, a youth-led citywide coalition in Philadelphia that aims to end all forms of school violence without pushing students into the criminal justice system.

National Action Civics Collaborative  (co-founder)

We are a founding member of the National Action Civics Collaborative (NACC), an expanding network of practitioners and researchers whose mission is to implement Action Civics in every school and youth organization throughout the country. Its guiding principles are: youth voice, youth expertise, collective action, and reflection. NACC was founded by: CIRCLE, Earth Force, Generation Citizen, Mikva Challenge, University Community Collaborative and Youth on Board.

Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative (co-founder)

We are a founding member of the Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative (PYMC).  PYMC strengthens, connects, and promotes organizations that engage youth in the creation, analysis, and distribution of media. Our network of youth media educators and producers supports youth in becoming creative media makers, critical thinkers, and engaged global citizens. Together, we work to advance a healthy democracy that values youth perspectives and contributions.